Transgender Rights: Accept Us as a Third Gender and Don’t Invalidate Us


Do I have no Human Rights if born as Transgender

Every human is independent by birth and also eligible for all basic human rights. But then comes another creature of God who visibly looks like humans but have no humans rights at least not on society level. These people are called differently in different society but commonly known as Transgender. So we are talking about Transgender Rights and their acceptance as humans at society level specially in India and Pakistan.

A beautiful child was gifted by God in a family. Initially, family was very happy as they should be on a child birth. But, suddenly, everything changed. Initially, happiness vanished and replaced with confusion and silence and then converted to anger and sadness. The reason, Child was transgender. REJECTED.

Being Transgender, I feel more feminine yet born as male

Same story repeats with a little difference. A child is born that is a baby boy and family is happy. He started to grow and all things are normal. At a certain age, family started to notice some strange things in child behavior. He is much soft in his behavior and communication like girls. He is also more attractive to dress like girls. Family started to instruct and restrict him to act and behave POSITIVELY. Then they started to restrict him movement and outdoor activities as it will be embarrassing for them.

The child was helpless to act as desired as it was not in his control. He was like programmed to act in this specific way but no was willing to understand his problem. His own family including parents and siblings always criticized him for his behavior. He was like untouchable and not able to fit in this community. REJECTED

Transgender means Rejected for Life on all rights

It is universally accepted that humans are most beautiful and amazing creature in this world. We are gifted with so much talents. What makes us different from other creatures is our ability to think, reason and decide. This is the ability that makes us able to evolve and we are living in most advanced time of history. Yet, in 21st century, there are millions of these REJECTED transgender people that are not acceptable in human community. They have no rights and respect in society especially in subcontinent. Also read Morality is a real Challenge of Pakistan 

I wonder who categorized humans in two genders i.e. Male & Female, and why it is so difficult to accept transgender people as third gender. Although, these people are registered as third gender in some countries including Pakistan and India and many transgender rights are already accepted by constitution but what about society? They are still as unacceptable now as were before. Just imagine, you are not acceptable in any segment of society, no job, no business, no education and even untouchable in most places. For living, your only options are to work as dancers in wedding functions and as sex worker. And when you get age then you may beg on traffic signals.

At their height of intellect, Humans are confused on transgender rights

This is 21st century and it is time of freedom of expression and speech. There are parties and union for their rights. Everyone is conscious and concerned of their rights. Even majority of segments and people are already have at least their basic rights i.e. right to education, live, career, marriage and freedom of expression.  Still, it is not enough for the humans and they are struggling for more freedom and rights. Humans are known by their personality and personality is shaped of emotions and reactions.

Now, Just imagine and place yourself in their shoes. We even can not imagine the thought of that insult, ignorance and hooting what they feel at every moment of their life. There are strict discrimination laws in developed countries and rights of transgender community is well protected. Even, in subcontinent area, there are many developments is this regard at policy level. Still, there is awareness and acceptability issues at society level.

Kami Sid, First Pakistani Transgender Model
Marvia malik, First Transgender Newscaster in Pakistan

In India & Pakistan, Different words are used to describe transgender people. These include HIJRA, KHUSRA, KHAWAJA SARA, MOORAT, CHAKKA, KOTHI and ARAVANI. Most suitable word to describe transgender in Pakistan is Khawaja Sara. Other words like Khusra and Hijra are considered derogatory and insulting by community. I believe insulting these people is insulting GOD. GOD is perfect in His creation and if these people are different from us then it is HIS will.

Some facts of transgender rights in Pakistan

  • Estimated population of transgender people in Pakistan is 500,000
  • As per 2017 census, Transgender population is 10,000
  • 14th November 2009, Supreme Court of Pakistan ruling on officially accepting them as third gender
  • Advocate Mr. Aslam Khaki presented the case to SCP to recognize transgender community as a third gender
  • Extremist groups oppose transgender community calling them as gay
  • 23rd June 2017, First transgender passport issued to Farzana Jan with a gender category as X
  • 8th May 2018, Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act
  • Among other, they have the right to registered their self perceived gender without appearing before a medical board
  • Pakistan First Transgender model is “Kami Sid”
  • Marvia Malik is first Transgender Newscaster in pakistan
  • 15th April 2018, First Transgender school opened in Lahore by NGO “Exploring Future Foundation”
  • First transgender Old Home opened in Lahore in May, 2018
  • April 2018, First vocational training center for transgender in Lahore enrolled at least 40 people.

Following video is a detailed description of transgender life in Pakistan. 

Please be careful, video is not suitable for people below 18 years of age

I request readers to please at least start to respect God Creation at your level. If you can do nothing else on their rights, then at least just treat them as humans and do nothing to hurt them.

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