5 Great Spanish Cooking Blogs You Should Start Following Now

Spanish Cooking Blogs
Spanish Cooking Blogs

Many times the greatest difficulty we have to face when entering the kitchen is to answer the question, what do I cook? Today, thanks to social networks, we have multiple websites and blogs available to find inspiration. But what blogs are of quality and will really help us with our purpose? Then we leave you with 5 highly recommended spanish cooking blogs.

1. Spanish Cooking Blog: pepacooks.com

It is one of the most careful and extensive Spanish cooking blogs on the web. As they say, this space was born in July 2008 and has gone from being a hobby to being the greatest passion of these bloggers, who today still publish recipes periodically.

One of the most outstanding aspects of pepacooks is its search menu because, beyond the classic classification by type of food, it also includes a section called “learn to cook”, which allows us to select simple dishes to prepare but with a lot of presence. In this regard, it should be noted that there is a specific section for chocolate lovers, since it has more than a hundred recipes based on this food.

Finally, note that each recipe includes a small introduction in which the authors comment on the most appalling steps of each dish, in addition to a link to Google+ to see more photographs of the preparation.

2. Spanish Cooking Blog: webosfritos.es

This blog is the result of the union of a passionate about cooking with a lover of photography. The recipes included are simple preparation, not only suitable for beginners but highly recommended for those who feel respect or fear for cooking.

One of the most interesting aspects of webosphrites is that each recipe has a section of tips and tricks of those who have cooked a lot. And if that wasn’t enough, there is an exclusive section of cooking tricks and techniques.   It is one of the few blogs that provide food preparation videos and tips on where to buy each product.

Finally, it is interesting to note that in webosfritos you will also find a section of gastronomic routes and recommendations of restaurants, from Spain and Europe, to which this culinary couple has gone.

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3. Spanish Cooking Blog: lacocinadelechuza.com

This blog is presented as a space dedicated to lovers of simple cuisine, which sometimes is not synonymous with easy. In it you can find recipes of traditional cuisine, that is, those dishes that our mothers and grandmothers cooked, without great gadgets,   but with a wooden spoon, a lot of patience and even more love.

The blog is updated approximately every month, but has a decade of history, so that the amount of recipes available is more than enough.

One of the most outstanding aspects of lacocinadelechuza is that it has a specific section for traditional Galician cuisine. Although what may attract more attention is the section dedicated to preparing seafood. In other words, in lacocinadelechuza we are explained step by step how to clean the seafood before cooking it, which makes it different from other blogs in the network.

4. Spanish Cooking Blog: www.cocinarpara2.com

Usually cooking blogs and recipes in general indicate the amount of each ingredient needed to cook for four people, but what happens if we are two at home or we live as a couple? Well, in that case, cocinapara2 is our cooking blog.

It is a space dedicated to a person who little by little wants to lose their fear of cooking or they feel like a special set without having to spend several hours in front of the stove. One of the highlights in this regard is the section dedicated to quick dinners, always designed for two people, or the collection of recipes to prepare in the microwave.

Finally, it should be noted that cocinapara2 is not exclusively designed for couples and, for shows, it is one of the few blogs in the network that has a collection of recipes designed especially for children.

5. Spanish Cooking Blog: elcomidista.elpais.com

Elcomidista is more than a traditional cooking blog; the gastronomic space of the newspaper El País, dedicated to inexperienced lovers of cooking.

In this space we can find recipes from multiple filters, some of which not very common despite being very useful such as: origin of the avocado, seasonal dishes organized by seasons, economic dishes – which is especially appreciated in the times that run – and even a section dedicated to the dishes that can be carried in a tupper, to facilitate the day to day for those who can not have lunch at home.

The highlights of this blog are the spaces dedicated to press articles related to gastronomy, both suitable for experts and amateurs,   tutorial videos and, especially, the office, where readers can ask their questions to the authors of the blog


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