Color Selection For Mehndi Dress Based On Color Wheel & Expert Opinion


Traditional Mehndi Dresse

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As we already know, Mehndi is an important part of traditional weddings in subcontinent area especially India Pakistan and Bangladesh. Mayon is another pre wedding custom. Historically, Mehndi and Mayon functions are associated with yellow color. These event are more fun and entertaining before actual formal events Barat and Walima. Mehndi is especially very energetic and colorful event. We can safely call Mehndi as “Event of Ladies”. The reason behind is their Mehndi dresses, full of colors and embroidery. Some year ago, only young girls were conscious about their mehndi dresses but now there is no limitation of age. It is the grace of Indian and Pakistani Weddings, reflecting their true cultural colors.

Yes, Traditionally Mehndi function was associated with yellow color. But, with change of time new colors are introduced like, green, blue, pink, purple and beige. Especially, green and pink in mehndi dresses are runner ups in Pakistan. Still, it is always a trouble for ladies to select their mehndi dress color. We believe they are justified in their decision because it is not that simple. You do not just have to select a graceful suit like men. It involves color, style, design, fashion, trend and most importantly, a wish to look most graceful lady in the event. Here I request you to please give exception to bride, if you are not the one.

So with all of these requirement, it is definitely a tough call. That is why Pakistani designers always strive so hard to introduce latest mehndi dresses. It is always a challenge for designers while keeping in mind all the necessary market demands. There are three most used styles in mehndi dresses, Lehnga, Sharara and frock. They keep rotating year by year while actual competition lies at color, design and embroidery.  

We are here to help you decide your mehndi dress color. You need to understand what is trendy and what color cycle says. Also remember, mono color is not our only option. We can also choose multicolor. But be cautious in combining different colors according to color philosophy or it might ruin your day.

Mehndi Dress Selection Based on Color Cycle

Color wheel is an understanding of what primary, secondary and tertiary color are. You can easily get it by just observing below image

color-wheel-for mehndi-dresses

Then there are warn and cool color


And below are neutral colors


List of 6 Trendy Mehndi Dress Colors

So, Now you understand color wheel, here are our top 6 mehndi dress colors that are currently trendy


Shades of Yellow range from amber, maize, cream, peach yellow, gold to lemon lime yellow.  You can choose any shade in mono color. You can also easily make combination of yellow with Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown & Maroon.


Green comes at second in our list of mehndi dress colors. Although, it is very popular in mehndi ceremony dresses but it also very tricky. You can not try enough variations because it mixes with other color hues. Further, Green is a color of nature and it is best reflected in summer and spring for most.

Still, you can tactfully nail it to be prominent in crowd. Green color is best suited when combines with neutral, yellow, greenish yellow, orange, purple & pink.


Pink is the color of females and feminism. Pink also represents romance and optimism. That is why, it comes at number 3rd in our list. Pink is so powerful color that it may be combine with almost any other color. However, it is most suited with green, purple, blue and yellow.


Beige is only color in our list that belongs to neutral colors range. Beige is between brown and white so it possess warmth of brown and coolness of white. This is most nonpartisan and exemplary shading to wear, and one can never turn out badly with it. Be it a lehnga, sharara, a saree, frock or anarkali suit, beige can be matched up with complement shades of pink, red, orange, and be stolen away superbly. Being a neutral color, it accompanies almost all other colors and change whole meaning of theme. So, it goes equally good with all colors.


Historically, purple color was considered a royal color. But, now it is been frequently used in fashion. It represent passion and dream. For a progressively glorious and imperial look, purple mehndi dresses can be worn. Purple is the shade of eminence and has an extremely superb look to it. It makes for immaculate marriage mehndi dresses. You can undoubtedly wear it on your mehndi dunction without embellishing it with some other gems. Purple is widely used with yellow, orange and pink and selectively with green.reen.


Blue is color of trust, belonging and elegance. Historically, blue was considered a gents color. But, time has changed now and is widely used by ladies. Blue makes graceful partnerships with silver, red, orange, and shades of yellow.

Experts Suggestion For Your Mehndi Dress

Although, it is good to go with fashion and trend but do you think one style fits to all? No, it is not. So, while keeping in mind latest trends, you should customize according to your personality, budget and culture. Here are top five expert opinion for choosing mehndi dress

Sania Maskatiya

Sania’s designs are true example of a balanced creativity based on practicality and comfort. She is a true believer of individuality. She always advice to shine with your true personality and own style. So, whatever you wear either traditional or trendy, it is all ok as long as you are comfortable with it.

Nida Azwer

Nida is known for her fusions. So she recommend to do same with your wedding and mehndi dresses to fuse classic and trendy style.

Nomi Ansari

According to Nomi Ansari, Fashion industry and bridal dress  should be evolved according to colors and trends. So, Color is most important thing during your selection of mehndi dress.

Deepak Perwani

Deepak is truly an innovator in Pakistani fashion industry. Like so many experiments and variety in his own designs, he recommends to do lot of experiments before choosing your final bridal, wedding or mehndi dress.

Aisha Imran

Don’t let others tell you what you should wear, recommended by Aisha. It is your day and it is you choice so choose your wedding dress and stick to it with confidence


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