Pakistan is a culturally rich country. From art, music, literature to historical places, we have a great amount of treasure. But, unfortunately, most of us are unaware of it.

To promote Pakistan’s positive image, we decided to present our cultural treasure in a modern way. Previously we shared top Pakistani cultural dances from all provinces. Today, we are sharing with you a list of amazing historical places in Lahore.

Most of these places are ignore and only a few famous places are regularly visited by tourist. All these places have hundreds of years of history. Perhaps, in today’s modernization, we have neglected these places. Most of us either love to visit modern places or natural places in northern areas.

These places are a call to make us remember about an undenied fact “Only Allah’s name is eternal”. Moreover, these places make us proud of our rich culture and glorious history. These places force us to go back in history and imagine the life of that time. Today’s life is just like a race in frustration and fear of remaining behind.

These places make us realize to live life at full potential because it will pass and then no one will remember us. What will remain behind is our contribution to society? So live your life for the betterment of society and spread love.

Lahore was always a hub of government, economy, education and culture. That is why it has so many historical places that you need a couple of days to explore it completely. Even, we are unable to cover all the places in this post. Yet, we tried to introduce most amazing places so that you may have maximum exposure. Let’s go to past

  • According to legends, Lavapura was original name of Lahore
  • Founded by king of Ayodhya, Prince Lava (the son of Sita and Rama) and avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu
  • “Lava Mandir” a temple in Lahore Fort, is dedicated to Price Lave. Lava was also pronounce as “Loh”. Thus this city was based on his name Loh-awar mean “Temple of Loh”. As time passed, name Lohawar was changed to Lahore.
  • According to historians, Lahore has 4000 years of history.
  • 682 – Muslims first approached Lahore
  • 1021 – Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni captured Lahore
  • 1037– City was rebuilt due to being demolished in wars
  • 1206 – Qutb-ud-din Aibak became ruler
  • 1241 – Conquered by Mongols, massacred all locals and leveled city to the ground
  • 1267 – Lahore Fort was rebuilt on same place
  • There is no monument predating Mongolian rule in Lahore
  • 1526 – Mughal dynasty started for next 300 years
  • 1560 – Navin mosque was build. Still stands in Lahore
  • 1627 – Tomb of Emperor Jahangir was built
  • 1632 – Sheesh Mahal
  • 1634 – Mosque Wazir Khan
  • 1635 – Moti Mosque
  • 1637 – Shalimar Gardens
  • 1649 – Mai Anga Mosque
  • 1673 – Badshahi Mosque
  • 1748 – Ahmed Shah Abdali Rule
  • 1753 – Sonehri Mosque
  • 1758 – Maratha Rule
  • 1798 – Ranjit Singh rule
  • 1818 – Hazuri Bagh Baradari
  • 1849 – East India Company in rule
  • 1859 – Masonic Temple
  • 1860 – Lahore Railway Station
  • 1861 – Lahore Canal
  • 1864 – Government College Lahore
  • 1864 – Forman Christian College
  • 1872 – Lahore Zoo
  • 1875 – National College of Arts, then named Mayo School of Industrial Art
  • 1880 – Faletti’s Hotel
  • 1882 – Punjab University
  • 1882 – Lahore Bar Association
  • 1883 – Central Model School
  • 1884 – Punjab Public Library
  • 1885 – Punjab Civil Secretariat Library
  • 1886 – Aitchison College
  • 1887 – General Post Office GPO Lahore
  • 1887 – Cathedral Church of the Resurrection or Lahore Cathedral
  • 1889 – Lahore High Court building
  • 1890 – New town hall Lahore
  • 1908 – Dyal Singh Trust Library
  • 1935 – Punjab Assembly Chamber

Now, as excitement has reached at its peak, Let’s checck our graceful historical places

1. Badshahi Mosque


2. Lahore Fort

3. Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh


 4. Lahore Museum/Lahore Wonder House


5. The Shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajvairi, Data Darbar


6. Wazir Khan Mosque


7. Allama Iqbal’s Tomb


 8. Jahangir’s Tomb

9. Tollington market


 10. Shalimar Gardens Lahore

 11. Suneri Mosque


 12. Government College University Lahore


 13. Chauburji


14. Noor Jahan’s Tomb


 15. Neevin Mosque


 16. Dai Anga Mosque

 17. Anarkali’s Tomb


 18. Mian Mir’s Shrine


19. Abkari Serai


 20. Haveli Dhyan Singh

 21. Bradlaugh Hal


 22. Bhai Taru Singh’s Samadhi

 23. Khawaja Mehmud’s Shrine


24. Sir Ganga Ram’s Samadhi

25. Dai Anga’s Tomb


26. Fakir Khana Museum


27. Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh


28. Zeb-un-Nisa’s Tomb


29. Nadira Begam’s Tomb


30. Allama Iqbal Museum


31. Masjid of Mariyam Zamani / Begum Shahi Mosque


32. Qutb-ud-din Aibak’s Tomb

33. Jani Khan’s Tomb


34. Mian Khan’s Tomb


35. Nusrat Khan’s Tomb

36. Prince Pervez’s Tomb


37. Zafar Jang Kokaltash’s Tomb



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