Current Issues of Pakistan: War between Morality and Top 10 Economic & Political Issues


یہ اخلاکیات کی جنگ ھے معشیات کی نھیں

There are a number of political, economical and social issues of Pakistan. These issues are complex and unresolved from decades. Every government has to face these them but then there adds many more. These issues are so much discussed from years in Pakistan that nation is now used to these problems and do not bother much. Generally, following ten (10) are considered major issues of Pakistan

  1. Poverty
  2. Inflation
  3. Poor Health Facilities
  4. Illiteracy
  5. Unemployment
  6. Corruption
  7. Terrorism
  8. Political instability
  9. Injustice
  10. Electricity shortage

Time is Changing, So are Issues in Pakistan

However, there has been rising a unique issue in recent times in Pakistan that rapidly but unconsciously made its space. This issue is most dangerous for any society than any other above mentioned political and economic issues of Pakistan. For Pakistani society, this becomes more worrying as no one is aware of its effects including our religious and political leadership. All other issues are at least addressed at some minor or major forum but this issue is yet unattended. Further, this issue is also overlapping with other problems. You should definitely read this content on Transgender Life in Pakistan, another important social issue of Pakistan.

Morality has become biggest issue of Pakistan

You may call it differently but I call it morality issue. This issue started to get prominence in Pakistan from year 2001 and in just 17 years it has become worst issue. This is unique because it is at intellectual and common sense level than other issues of Pakistan that are at operational level. It should be viewed separately from religion and politics although religious and political leadership has played major role in creating this issue. All prominent segments of society including civil society, media, and all political and religious parties added their share in deteriorating moral values. These are influencing forces to lead society so all the responsibility of an intolerant and violent society lies on their shoulders.

Intolerance & Difference of Opinion are Real Issues

There is a panic everywhere and no one is willing to tolerate anything. There is a wave of trends on social media and no one has time to think about right and wrong. Trends are rapidly changing and you are unconsiously forced to take a side without checking facts.  It is becoming impossible to be neutral and have a different opinion from popular opinions. Some say it is due to lack of education but actually it is not so. Education and awareness is increasing day by day. Problem lies at intellect and morality that are lost in crowd that is running without knowing end of this race.

Morality (Ikhlaqiaat) is described in simplest words as “code of conduct or way to act and behave is specific situations”. There are different moral values offered by different societies and religions. But, there are many universally accepted moral values that can be apply in any situation at any place. You can see, how morality is more diverse and deep rooted issue at society level than all other problems of Pakistan.

Recently there arose an issue in District Hospital Narowal, Pakistan. Paramedical staff claimed that CEO and lower staff was involved in making and spreading their videos through hidden cameras. Harassment and hostile work environment has also become a rising problem of Pakistan especially for women. But, they either do not have platforms for raise their voice or they are fearful due to their self respect and societal pressure. However, this issue spread to social media and got different responses from public.

Now this issue is one day old as I am writing this post. Just check remarks of people on this issue.

Because these are working ladies, means they have character issue and are sex workers. Good. This is called deduction analysis

Now these people belong to the group who see all the issues from religious perspective. They believe all the violence and rape cases in society are due to girls that do not have veil. Although this case has no relation with vulgar dressing but still we are insisting that this is happened due to Fahash Dressing.

Here is another perspective who always curse women even in rape cases. Their mentality is to enslave women. If a women is rapped , they will always find mistake of women. Just read his comment and how innocent his example is looking. Do you think there is anything more pitiful than this mental approach.

And below comment is another way of saying above example of lion and goat. He actually wants to say “You may be right but pehle ap esi harkaten krti kyu hen

And then came this group who has nothing to do with any issue but to just add their poor mentality and political frustration.

There are many such positive responses because positivity is always greater than negativity

This brother is a frustrated one who does not even believe girls education. I don’t even think he is educated himself but he is on social media so he has right to say anything about anything.

This person has real pain of these girls. So much pain he is feeling that he is cursing others’ mothers and sisters. Doing a positive act so negatively. That is why I am so worried of morality

Look, this man knows real inside news. Typical cheap anti-feminist

Perhaps, ISIS really exist in Pakistan. This man does not even seem to accept women as humans

This type of people believe in violence against violence. If someone does not accept your rule or violate any rule, simply kill him. Highly frustrated

This man believes women should accept all violence silently. If a woman speaks on any wrongdoing, then she should definitely be a prostitute.

Another issue badly exposing our mental approach to see things

This is a viral video on social media where some girls are in a hurry and changing their dresses. Meanwhile, one of their friend made their video. This video got leaked and viral somehow. This may happen with anyone as everyone of us have their personals. Just have a glance at comments how people are perceiving girls and their family

Women are only supposed to stay at home. Otherwise, their character will be questioned by these people

Do not have words to express my feeling on these remarks

Cursing their parents while they have nothing to do with making and distributing this video.

He think religion is in danger. He does not care about the reputation of girls, the person who made video, who distributed and who is spreading it.

After all, India is our neighbor country. Among other cultural similarities, we got same mind set.

Cultural and moral values are in greater threat.

Some people get Chaska of the moment. Tagging friends with some unethical stuff and incite them with negative comments and then suddenly get possessive when it comes to them

We have already witnessed where people were making videos of live murders. This much anger, frustration and animalism is reflecting in this comment

Extremist & Anti feminist

There are many in Pakistan, who believe in honor killing

These sexually frustrated people then start to take positive and popular side at every incident. Hypocrites

Neem Mullah, Khatra e Emaan. Every one is a scholor to put Fatwah

This is the real social issue of Pakistan that main stream media is unable to highlight. Even if they discuss it, they have their limitations to discuss it in limited scope due to such open, violent and unsuitable words. There is only negativity or glamour on mainstream and social media. That is why, I had only this forum to say my thoughts. I know other problems of Pakistan are also very important but I believe they can be resolved more easily than this issue. This is a deep rooted problem attached with people’s believe. It can only be addressed once we accept it as an issue.

I hope you will share your thoughts with me. I am eager to listen


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