There are 365 days in a calendar year. Just suppose, If every day is productive and celebrate. The world will be so active and amazing if every day of the year is internationally celebrated and dedicated to some cause. 

United Nations is the most authentic body to declare as a world celebration day and then all member countries observe these days. Currently, there are around 157 days that are officially celebrated at the United Nations Platform. It means these 157 days are approved as official international celebration days. Then there are other international bodies, communities and other forums that introduce and celebrate different days. These bodies include Amnesty International, European Union, Catholic Church and different NGOs celebrating different causes on these international days.  

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International Celebration Days in January 2020

10 January 2020 – World Hindi Day (Hindi Divas)

Where World Hindi Day is celebrated?

BY Indian Government & Public. Due to being an influencing economy and citizens worldwide, this event is largely celebrated internationally.

What is the significance of World Hindi Day?

Celebration of Adopting Hindi as the official language of India

What is the history of World Hindi Day? 

Constitution assembly of 1949 adopted Hindi as the official language

How World Hindi Day is celebrated? 

Local event for language promotion. Presentation of awards by the state to people having contribution in the promotion of languages like in literature, poetry, and journalism. 

21 January 2020 – International Hug Day

Where International Hug Day is celebrated?

It is celebrated in many countries but it is specially celebrated in the USA as a secular event

Significance: Celebrated to encourage people to do more hugging with family and friends to promote more affection. 

History: The first time celebrated on January 21, 1986, in Clio, Michigan, USA. The idea was to promote love and affection for family and friends as American people are generally considered reluctant and embarrassed to show affection in public.

Activities: Hugging with family and friend. There is a caution, you should first inform people about your intention of hugging them.

26 January 2020 – International Customs Day

Where International Customs Day is celebrated?

Observed World Wide

Significance: Custom day is celebrated to appreciate and acknowledge the services of custom officials for securing country’s border and economy. Its purpose is to highlight their job difficulties and creating awareness to provide customs officials with more facilities. 

History: Customs Cooperation Council was established on 26 January 1953. It’s a tradition to celebrate as a remembrance of purpose.

Activities: Workshops and seminars are conducted for awareness purposes. Further employees aware and appreciation ceremonies are also conducted by custom agencies to encourage and motivate employees. 

International Celebration Days in February 2020

04 February 2020 – World Cancer Day

Observed: Observed World Wide

Significance: Create awareness of the life-threatening disease of cancer. It further aims to pressurize government bodies to take sufficient steps to prevent this disease.  

History: World cancer day was first observed in 2000 at Paris summit on cancer

Activities: As cancer is growing rapidly worldwide so its awareness campaign has become a global phenomenon. There are multiple activities conducted on this day. One of the important activities is #NoHairSelfie where people support and give courage to cancer patients by shaving their heads.  

14 February 2020 – Valentine Day

Observed: Observed World Wide

Significance: It has become the world’s largest event to show love and affection.

History: I was originally celebrated as a western religious feast day of St. Valentine. There are different legends associated with this day and St. Valentine. It has now taken a more modern shape and become a more commercial and secular event than a religious one. 

Activities: Valentine’s day has become a commercial event so it is now celebrated worldwide. Valentine parties are celebrated by lovers, friends, and families. Flowers and gifts have become an essential part of this event and red color is largely associated with this day as a symbol of love. 

20 February 2020 – World Day of Social Justice

Observed: Observed World Wide

Significance: It is celebrated to address social issues like poverty, unemployment and exclusion

History: UN decided on 26 November 2007 to celebrate this day to address social issues. This day was first celebrated in 2009. 

Activities: Many NGOs are working worldwide to address the issue of poverty, unemployment and social injustice in the shape of exclusion. Difference awareness campaigns are run through media, workshops, and seminars to remove gender, age, caste, race, disability or any other barrier in the gross welfare of society.

21 February 2020 – International Mother Language Day

Observed: Observed World Wide

Significance: It is celebrated to promote multilingualism by creating awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity. 

History: This day was approved by the United Nations as International Day of celebration in 2008 although it was suggested by UNESCO on November 17, 1999.

It is celebrated in memory of the Bengali Language Movement of 1952. This day is public holiday in Bangladesh since 1953 and known as “Shohid Dibosh” (Martyr Day).

Activities: Different countries celebrate this day separately. There are conducted themed events at UNESCO Headquarter in Paris. 

27 February 2020 – World NGO Day

Observed: Observed World Wide by at least 89 countries 

Significance: World NGOs Day is celebrated to inspire people to participate more actively in humanitarian activities. 

History: Introduced by 12 member countries of “Council of Baltic Sea States” Forum in 2010. It was later recognized by the United Nations, the European Union and other international organizations in 2014.

Activities: NGOs, NPO and charitable organizations around the globe celebrate this day in the name of humanity to promote charity culture. Different seminars are conducted to make people aware of NGOs activities. 

27 February 2020 – International Polar Bear Day

Observed: Observed in Western Countries and organized by NGO “Polar Bear International” 

Significance & Brief History: Polar Bear is an endangered species due to global warming and reduced ice levels in arctic regions.

It is celebrated to create awareness about reducing the population of Polar Bears due to global warming threats. This day is also gaining importance due to raising the issue to climate change and endangered species. 

Activities: Many Zoos participate in this day celebration to educate people about the effect of climate change on the Polar Bear Population.


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