Lucid or Conscious Dreams: Dreams you can control

i can control my dreams

What is a lucid dream?

A lucid dream is a dream in which a person understands what is in a dream. This understanding usually happens in the morning, when a person’s thinking works best. Often a chance to guess that this is a dream comes up when something very strange or frightening happens. Danger forces the sleeper to strain thinking and as a result the thought comes – “this cannot actually happen!”

A lucid dream is the period of sleep from the moment the awareness “This is a dream” until the moment of awakening or loss of this awareness. What can also happen if you get carried away by what is happening around you. People, surroundings, everything in a dream looks as real as what a person observes while awake. In appearance, the dream is not at all distinguishable. Therefore, it is already difficult to understand that you are dreaming.

The man guessed what was in a dream. What’s next? Further, there is no need to continue the occupation that the person was doing before. If you carried a heavy burden, cleaned up the apartment or weeded the garden, now you can leave it and do something more interesting. Try to understand the essence of what is happening for example. 

To get started, you just need to get acquainted with others, walk around, consider. What kind of place is it, what objects are there, what are people doing. At this moment you understand that a dream is not imagination at all. At the moment, you can’t imagine anything, and the plot continues to develop on its own. Cars continue to drive along the roads, pedestrians walk along the sidewalks. 

Shoppers stomp in stores, chatting animatedly with each other. You can go to someone and ask questions. Anything that’s interesting to know. Upon request, people will say their name, age, tell what they do here and what they are going to do later. They will say the name of the street, city, country. 

They will even call the winning numbers of the lottery for the next draw, if you ask about it. And half will be right. You can check! Attempts in lucid dreams to find out the future confirm that prophetic dreams are not inventions or coincidences at all. In dreams, there really is access to unknown information. 

You can find out the appearance of a person you are familiar with only on the Internet and even photographs have never seen him. How this happens and how to deliberately and accurately receive the necessary information each time remains to be seen. 

In addition to things with dreams, there is still a lot of mystery. Some claim that they managed to remove a small object from sleep. Yes, literally! It sounds incredible, but … who knows? Others claim to have learned a foreign language in a dream. Still others say that they managed to meet a friend in a dream. 

Waking up, both told each other the same dream. Where did they meet, what did they do, what did they say to each other. And such evidence of joint dreams is enough to think about where the dream space really is ?! What is good about lucid dreams is that they allow you to check how truthful the information reported about dreams is.

Having engaged in research, you can find out what opportunities sleep has. Where is the sleeping space. Why do the people we see in a dream behave as intelligently as we do. What controls their behavior and where their answers come from. To find answers to these questions, you don’t need to have a special education, expensive appliances, No need to have access to the laboratory. 

It is enough to have a bed and allocate more time for sleep. Let’s explore! A lucid dream is easy to learn. And research is extremely interesting and important. Sometimes even practical. I have already won the lottery several times using the numbers from the dreams. We explore and enrich ourselves! And above all, knowledge 🙂

How do dreams form?

If you show a little patience, then the process of dreaming can even be observed firsthand. This is not so difficult. Usually, going to bed, people tend to fall asleep quickly and … miss the most interesting! In this case, you need to do the exact opposite – try to stretch the falling asleep for as long as possible. But at the same time lie still, completely relaxed and carefully monitor all changes in the body. 

The limbs first become warmer and heavier. Then they will begin to lose weight, to complete lightness and insensibility. A stupefying wave surges inside the head, covering consciousness and turning off thoughts. She must not succumb. As soon as it seems that you are about to fall asleep, immediately cheer up. When consciousness is on the brink of sleep, images called “hypnogogic” begin to appear at this stage. Everyone wants to consider, but as soon as you focus, the image immediately disappears. 

We have to wait for the next. These images are the beginning of the formation of the first dream. The first images are not very bright, small in size. Located at some distance. Then they come closer, gain colorfulness and volume. After which it is no longer possible to continue to cheer up and the consciousness goes inside one of these spaces, while completely shutting down for a few seconds. There is a movement of consciousness from the physical body to the dream. When consciousness turns on again, it is no longer working at full strength, but much, much weaker. And the dream begins. 

What causes the appearance of images?

Observing hypnogogic images, you can notice a connection between your emotional state and the nature of the images. If a person is upset with something and the mood is sad, sad faces appear. If the mood is joyful, funny faces flicker. With a satisfied, relaxed emotional state, after a good fruitful day, beautiful landscapes arise. Tropical palm trees, gentle sea, sandy beaches. 

I had a lot of similar observations. One night, a tooth ached under my crown. I do not take medicine, I usually relieve any pain either by cold or by complete relaxation of the sore spot. Sometimes it’s enough to relax the muscles near the sore spot and the pain completely disappears. With the tooth, this number did not work, and I began to experiment: I focused on the pain point, created pressure. It turned out, which helps only pressing the tongue on the gum near the tooth. 

For a couple of seconds, the pain disappears, but then returns again. But it gave at least some relief. I lay there for quite some time and when I pressed on the gums, I observed the appearance of such images. The building, a man runs out of the door and, running a few meters, falls. The image is changing. Another building, another person runs and falls too. 

This was repeated many times, and I noticed that the runners appeared exactly at the moment when I pressed on the gums. I press a couple of seconds, there is no pain for a couple of seconds and for a couple of seconds a person runs. When the pain returns, the person immediately falls and the picture disappears. Seeing this pattern, it is not difficult to guess that running people are images of attempts to escape from a toothache, which failed miserably. 

Another time, I just lay there, delayed falling asleep, I wanted to watch the images. Something was already clear in them, but far from every image I could tell what kind of emotion or desire generated it. Sometimes the relationship remained unclear. And it was precisely this question that I wanted to clarify for myself – what else besides emotions and desires can generate images? I wanted to fully understand all the mechanisms. 

I lay peering into the darkness before my eyes, concentrating on my goal – to clarify! Suddenly an image of a dark cave appears. Someone’s hand brings a lit torch into it and becomes light. Here, too, the parallel between the desire to clarify the incomprehensible and the illumination of darkness is immediately noticeable. Hypnogogic images and images of sleep are caused by the emotional state of falling asleep / sleeping. 

Emotion creates an image. A person sees in a dream what worries him at the moment. What pleases him, upsets, worries, what he fears or desires. If a person is very concerned about finding something, then at night he will also dream of a search. When I search the Internet for a long time the necessary information, at night I dream that I am looking for edible mushrooms. Information is transformed into an image of a mushroom, I think, because both are free and are searched in a similar way.

You need to go, look in different places, then consider what you have found – whether it is it or not. If, when searching for information, I come across not what I need, then I dream that I find either some strange mushrooms, it is not clear by their appearance edible or not, or I find outright toadstools. And when the necessary information is found, I dream that I am gathering edible mushrooms. Do you have a dream? Try to watch your dreams after half a day anxiously looking for something. Find out what image the information you have. 

What happens to consciousness in a dream?

Consciousness is a tool with which we perceive, understand and remember information. During the day, the consciousness is very tired, it needs rest. Everyone probably noticed that the longer and more difficult the working day was, the more difficult the process of thinking is at the end of it, it is difficult to concentrate. When falling asleep, apparently for relaxation, our consciousness is turned off by almost 99%. 

The mental function is turned off completely, and the perception of the environment and memory work a little. That is why dreams at the beginning of the night look like complete nonsense and are very poorly remembered. If for several days a person worked hard and slept little, the fatigue of consciousness can become so strong that in a dream consciousness can turn off completely. It’s a bit like a swoon. 

There will be not only thinking, but also perception, and therefore, there will also be nothing to remember. Dreams will simply be absent. Toward morning, after several hours of sleep, the consciousness feels better, begins to function better. Perception, thinking, memory improves, a person sees plot, interesting dreams. After 8 hours of sleep, all the functions of consciousness begin to work even better. 

Dreams during this period are very colorful, detailed, with long scenes. And if you continue to sleep further, then the consciousness will rest so much that thinking will begin to work in a dream almost like when awake. The sleeper will notice the strangeness of what is happening and ask questions. 

Why did he end up in this place? Why is he talking to people with whom in life he prefers not to communicate at all? Why is it warm outside if it’s December? The longer a person sleeps, the better his consciousness works in a dream. It is in the last part of the night for this reason that lucid dreams arise. Then, when thinking works best, it’s easier to guess that you are in a dream. Therefore, those who want to have lucid dreams need to sleep regularly for a long time. Eight hours is not enough.

What is false waking up?

Was it with you that you woke up, got out of bed, do your usual morning activities, and then wake up again? Such waking up may result from lucid dreaming. False waking are dreams in which a person dreams as if he had woken up. A person goes to wash, brushes his teeth, writes down dreams that he has. And sometimes, having already recorded halfway, he wakes up again. Sometimes for real, and sometimes again false. False spills can occur many times in a row. 

There are cases of a series of eight false spills in a row before the present happened. It sounds frightening, but fears are in vain that one day you won’t wake up in a normal way. For several years of practice, I had more than 40 false spills and once there were 3 false spills in a row. In order not to brush my teeth every time in vain, with whom this happens, you need to make it a rule, waking up, carefully inspect. Is everything in the room true, is there anything superfluous, strange. 

If there is a suspicion that this is still a dream, you need to check with your hand something hard and stronger. On the bed, bedside table or armrest of a chair. In a dream, fingers are pressed into solid objects. Crushed – it’s still a dream! Often a false waking ends with a lucid dream. It is not difficult to understand how this happens. When one dream ends, in order to start another, a second darkness occurs between them. If at this moment you think or imagine something, you can easily find yourself in this place. If the thought appears that he woke up, then a dream begins about waking up.


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