How to introduce complementary foods and choose baby food?

How to introduce complementary foods

Feeding a small child is a headache for many parents. What kind of baby food should I give preference to what is and isn’t possible for a nursing mother, is it right to feed the baby by the hour?

Common approaches, for these questions, are shared below from experts’ point of view

Different approaches to breastfeeding

Some mothers continue breastfeeding as long as possible, up to 2-3 years. According to the expert, it is better to feed the baby with breast milk up to 1.5 years.

At the same time, according to the position of WHO and some Western experts, it is possible to continue breastfeeding for up to 2 years and longer. But the experts of the Research Institute of Nutrition RAMS believe that in this case, the child may have some psychological problems. In the interval from 4 to 6 months, not earlier, in parallel with breastfeeding, you can start complementary foods.

Nursing mom’s diet

There is no need to adhere to a certain strict diet. The main thing is to exclude alcohol, smoking. If you still drank a glass of wine, it is better to skip 1 – 2 feedings. If the child does not like what in your diet, then he himself will let you know about it. This will immediately affect the taste and smell of milk. For example, if a mother ate a salad with onions or garlic, the baby may refuse to breast. You just need to observe the behavior of the baby and adjust your menu.

In any case, do not use foods with artificial additives, and reduce the amount of salty, spicy and bitter in your diet. In addition, you should immediately accustom the child to slightly salted food. Therefore, you should not add salt to baby food, even if it seems fresh to you.

Clock Feeding is Out of Date

Previously, experts were of the opinion that you need to feed the child strictly on schedule. But about 10 years ago, the look at this changed, and now, as well as throughout the world, experts recommend feeding the baby every time he asks for it.

But first, it’s important to understand exactly what your baby wants. If the child cried, make sure that he does not need to change the diaper and does not want to play with him.

Ready-made baby food is safer than self-made

Baby food companies have a lot of restrictions. The raw materials used in the production of baby food are rigorously tested for all safety indicators. If you want to make mashed potatoes yourself, then products, no one will check so carefully. Under adverse environmental conditions, there is no guarantee that the fruits and vegetables you bought or even grown by you will be safe for the child.

Focus on product composition

When choosing baby food, it’s hard not to get confused – the choice is huge. It is important to follow a few simple recommendations:

• Carefully read the label, look at the expiration date, choose recently manufactured products.
• Pay attention to the composition of the product. Remember that buying sugar-free mashed potatoes is self-deception, since sugar is contained in fruits anyway.
• You can give preference to baby food with those supplements that are more suitable for your baby. For example, with inulin, which helps digestion.
• The most important recommendation is to just listen to the child. If he spits out the contents of the first ten jars, and starts eating from the eleventh, then it is worth choosing this food.

It is also important to follow the instructions on the label: how to properly heat and store.

About water and healthy products

It should be remembered that with exclusively breastfeeding it is important not to give the baby water or other liquid. Breast milk is 80-90% water and with a sufficient level of lactation fully satisfies the baby’s need for fluid.

After the introduction of complementary foods, you can give your child water, juice, compote, green tea.
According to the expert, in no case should you force a child to eat something.

If the child refuses to eat healthy foods, then you can try to disguise them: for example, hide the cottage cheese in porridge. Fish or meat can be chopped smaller and given with your favorite side dish. When buying products for a child, do not rush to the choice. The number of counterfeit products is increasing, so you need to be careful. Go to stores that are trusted. Pay attention to the appearance and smell of those products that you buy.


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