How to choose a Christmas tree – 5 important questions

How to choose a Christmas tree

What you need to know when choosing an artificial Christmas tree? What is the advantage of a potted tree? How to keep a live spruce longer? Readers of asked experts on living and artificial Christmas trees their questions.

What are artificial Christmas trees?

When choosing a Christmas tree, the material from which the “needles” are made is primarily important. The cheapest material from which New Year trees are made is PVC film. Such spruces are durable, but the needles on them wrinkle strongly and it is very difficult to restore their shape. More expensive material is fishing line. These trees have a more spectacular and bright appearance. The most expensive option is molded Christmas tree made of plastic. Needles imitate the structure of natural, but softer to the touch.

Almost all artificial fir trees have a prefabricated structure, in particular a hinged one. The trunk is divided into 3-4 sections, branches are attached to it. These sections need to be connected to each other starting from the base and spread the branches in the right direction.

What to look for when choosing an artificial Christmas tree?

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is needles. They should be well fixed, should not fall off, be taken out or come off. The branches should also be firmly fixed and at the same time mobile and elastic, since when installing the tree, you straighten the branches for splendor, and when putting it into storage, press it against the trunk to save space. A metal stand will give maximum stability to the Christmas tree. Also pay attention to the fact that the tree should not smell strongly of rubber or plastic.

From the point of view of safety, the most important selection criterion is fire resistance. Even an ordinary electric garland should decorate only a flame-resistant Christmas tree. You can check whether the selected spruce is safe in the store – ask the seller for a fire safety certificate. The same advice applies when buying electric lights. In any case, do not forget about the basic rules: do not allow children in the absence of adults to turn on the garlands and do not leave them turned on for the night.

The authors of this video tell how to check the quality of an artificial Christmas tree in a store

What is important when choosing a living Christmas tree?

If you prefer a natural Christmas tree, then follow a few simple rules that will help you when choosing:

  • choose a tree in the afternoon, so that all its flaws can be clearly seen;
  •  You should not make a purchase before December 25-26, otherwise the Christmas tree is not worthy before Christmas;
  • buy only in a nursery or in a specialized market – such trees are grown specifically for the New Year holidays, and are not cut down illegally. In addition, the seal of the forestry should be on the trunk;
  • on the cut of the trunk there should not be dark spots, mold fungi;
  • needles should be bright green, not yellowish or gray;
  • lower branches should be directed upwards.

Spruce will stand no more than ten days, pine – about twelve, and fir – about two weeks.

How to choose a Christmas tree in a pot?

The requirements for the appearance of the Christmas tree in the pot are the same as for the felled tree. But here you need to pay attention to the roots of the tree. They must be intact and form a tight lump together with the earth. The first couple of days in the apartment is better to leave a Christmas tree on the balcony. Water it twice a day, pouring about a liter of water at a time. If such a tree stood in your house for no more than a week, then you can plant it in the forest or in the country. Before disembarking in the ground, it is better to keep the tree on the balcony again.

What needs to be done to keep the living tree longer?

In order not to break the branches, immediately after the purchase, wrap the tree with burlap and tie it with a rope. Before buying, decide what the tree will be in: in water, sand, or you just wrap the trunk with a damp cloth. The foundation is better prepared in advance. After the purchase, the tree does not need to be left immediately in a warm room, leave it for several hours on the balcony. When choosing where to put the symbol of the New Year, avoid places near the battery.

In order for the tree to stand for as long as possible, you can prepare a simple solution that will nourish the tree:

  1. first you need to strip the end of the trunk from the bark by 8-10 cm .;
  2. to prepare the solution, take a bucket of water, dissolve an aspirin tablet, a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar;
  3. the solution must be mixed with clean sand, put a Christmas tree in it so that the trunk is immersed 15-20 cm.

Aspirin prevents the development of putrefactive bacteria, and sugar and salt provide nutrition. In order to keep the branches and needles fresh for as long as possible, periodically spray them with water.

An artificial tree is a practical and durable option for the New Year. Before buying, find out if the selected product is safe. High-quality and beautiful artificial spruce will delight you for a long time on New Year’s holidays. If you prefer a natural Christmas tree, make sure that it is of legal origin. A tree in a pot can be a compromise between an artificial and a felled tree.


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