Are you going to start your professional life? Or, you are deciding to change your current profession? In both cases, you are here at right place.

Career choice is among the most critical decisions of one’s life. Career is the thing that you have to do for your whole coming life. Your happiness is directly related to your career. If you are in a wrong career, there is no way to make you happy and satisfied with your life. Around 20% of students make a wrong decision for their career while selecting their subjects.

So, just imagine you are in a wrong career. Every day, you arise with a feeling of frustration. You are never willing to go to your work but you still are forced to go. You think your life is as miserable as hell. You spend your whole day keep tracking time to left. On one hand is your job-related stress and at other end is industry related issues like downsizing. Also read “Practical hacks to improve job productivity and performance“.

Keeping in mind all these things, you never want to make a wrong career choice. There are different reason and factors that play an important role in career choice. We are here to help you in making your career decision. Following are key indicators to follow for a right career decision.

1. Industry trends, technology and future growth

We are living in a time of technology and change. Technology is so rapidly changing and it is impacting almost all industries worldwide. The industrial world is moving towards automation. Science has been much advanced at artificial intelligence and machine learning. Once a task done by a hundred men is now accomplished by software. Machines are now capable to do logic based on data and also recommend decisions that are more authentic than human brains.

Then there are changing trends of the industry. Once web developers were so much demanding but then came a sudden decline due to WordPress development. Same has happened in the USA housing sector. Rising industries suddenly vanish. Once Nokia was having 49.4% market share in the mobile industry and then it lost to 3% within years. So when you are going to choose an industry, always keep in mind about technological impact, future trends, and growth.

2. Choice between money, learning and job fulfilment

Although, everyone does work for money and better living. It is the money that pays your bills. You can purchase things with money to make your life more comfortable. Still, Money never guarantees you happiness. In my own experience, a highly paid boring and stressful job will make your life miserable. It feels like you are a slave. This stress doesn’t only limit to working hours but also cover your personal life after you get home. Each day you rise with a feeling of a prisoner. You lose all the excitement in your life. So, money should never be the only factor in your career choice.

I personally did such jobs for 7 years where I never felt any excitement or sense of achievement. I know very well how it feels to forcefully do something that you never wanted to do but you have a living. So, you should always keep in mind about what excites you.

3. You will never want to be stuck at same position

Humans love to grow. Everyone works to have higher status and a better life. You start a job at some initial stage and then have a higher level position at later stages. After all, a higher position is associated with more power and benefits.

However, every industry is not the same. There are jobs where you may get good monetary benefits but no career growth. You are a lower level employee for most of your time. You are never involved in key decision making. Such a job will ultimately make your job stressful as your job is not fulfilling basic human needs, status and growth. So, you have to keep in mind if you are going to choose a career without a clear career path, promotions and a sense of achievement.

4. Family career and expectations

A child is always inspired by his parents. There is a vast majority who choose a career just because family members are already in that profession. If the father is a doctor so son is also going to be a doctor. A plumber’s son is going to be a plumber.

Then there are cases where family believes that they know more about career and your capabilities. So they want you to choose a specific profession based on their perception. Their choice may be based on comfort, job security, and money but remember it is their choice, not yours. You have to keep your mind open and decide what you want. Keeping in mind family expectations and giving it respect is a good thing. But, it is you who will suffer throughout your life due to a bad choice.

5. Casual approach and random choice of career

Majority of career seeker make a bad decision because of their casual approach. They just choose a random career thinking they will change it later when needed. It is easy to say but tough to do. As you spend more and more time in a job, you become stuck at that. Another reason for choosing a wrong career is the frustration of not getting the desired job. You are willing to do any job while thinking “it is better to have some experience than wasting time. One I  am in, I will change my profession any time later”.

Remember, You have to face consequences of this casual approach in shape of frustrations, stress and being stuck in the wrong career. So, you have to very clear what you want to do in life.

6. If you are passionate, you will learn it

Not every person is born with some natural talent. In fact, there are rare people with natural talent. Majority people learn from education and practice at a job. So, if you are skipping opportunities where you think you do not have the talent to perform, you are going wrong.

You have to first discover and then trust yourself. If you love to communicate, socialize and serve people, you should go for a sales job. You will easily learn how to find a potential client, sales call, pitch idea, and conversion.

7. Getting advice from inexperience, irrelevant people

It is always suggested to get advice from experienced, not educated. How a person can suggest you something when he did not do it himself. No one knows all so taking advice is a good thing. But you should go to a person who has personal experience in that field. Still, you should not take advice as it is. Because it is possible that a specific person did not have some good experience himself. Everyone gives advice from his own perspective. You need a neutral decision containing all pros and cons. Final choice should be yours based on facts and logic.

Always keep in mind, a positive person will always give positive and motivating advice. You should never allow a negative and discouraged person, who himself has achieved nothing in life, to give you advice.

8. If you are doubtful, you will definitely fail

Failure itself is not bad. It is the best learning that comes from failure. But, if you are doubtful and fearful of failure before doing a thing, you are definitely going to be failed. And, this failure will discourage and demotivate you. So, before choosing a career, make sure you are confident in doing what you are going to select. There is nothing that you can not do. If there are people who are already doing it, why you cannot? Passion and consistency are the keys to success.

9. Blindly follow others success

It is never bad to take inspiration from others. It is only bad when you follow someone’s footsteps just because he is successful. Everyone has his own learning, background, and skills set. So, if one person is successful in doing work, it does not mean you will also be. You should only take inspiration from his hard work and passion and then, keeping in mind your nature and skills, decide your path. If you think you can also do the same, just do it.

It is a simple but sharp difference between, following others due to their success and finding yours’ own talent.

10. Discover Yourself

I love to write. I am passionate about reading, writing, researching, learning and helping others through my learning. That is why I am doing blogging after skipping my bank job. It took me seven years to find my purpose and passion. I would not like the same for you to take so much time. So here is a tip.

Discover yourself. Find your interest and passion and personality type. If you are hyper minded, how you can serve in the service industry. Everyone has some basic nature. You are supposed to find yours. Once you know who you actually are and what excites you, you will be clear and confident in choosing your career.

Bonus Tip

If you still think, you are unable to choose exactly what career you should choose, Here is my last advice. Don’t try to be perfect. Keeping in mind above 9 things, just choose your career. Every career has some pros and cons. It takes time to be recognized and successful in any field. If you want a perfect profession, you will never have it. You have to test your waters.

Final Thought

Always prefer to learn even if you are in the wrong job. No one restricts you to learn personal development skills. You always have to keep improving yourself in every scenario.

Thank you for your time to read. Hope this post will be helpful for you. Keep loving and sharing good thoughts.


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