Children, high technology and parental obsession

Children, high technology and parental obsession

Time goes by, the child grows. Slowly, his little hands get to phones, laptops and other benefits of civilization. It will be about children of preschool and school ages. Parents sometimes, without any prejudice, give their children a welcome toy with the words: – “And what’s wrong with that ?! Let him play, you need to introduce him to high technology! ”

In such a simple way, parents, without realizing it, give their child to the education of these phones and computers. After all, in reality, what happens? But it turns out that while their baby will play with the phone or computer – parents can calmly go about their business, and not worry about what he will fit in or do something. The kid plays, and the parents work, everything is simple.

But just, is it good or bad?

Now a five-year-old child understands smartphones, tablets and computers many times better than the older generation (grandparents). And this is not surprising, since over the past ten years, progress has taken a very strong step forward. And even ten years ago, not everyone had ordinary mobile phones, and there was an average of one or two phones per family, but now everyone in the family can have at least a phone call, not counting other mobile gadgets.

On the one hand, it’s good when a child can learn something new, play educational games, read, gain experience in using various devices, and no doubt the information he needs.

But on the other hand, what do we get in return? It is good if you immediately install the necessary programs and applications and thus isolate the child from unwanted information.

Fortunately, some Internet providers are actively promoting the idea of ​​a safe Internet, and for free you can enable the parental control function, which makes it possible to block objectionable content, and view resources visited by the child.

But not everyone thinks of such a thing, and as a result we get an interesting case when an eight-year-old girl answers the question of the guests in front of her parents: “what do you want to become, my dear?”, The girl replies with a peppy and sonorous voice – “Stripper! They just dance on stage and that’s all, and they earn a lot of money! ”

One can imagine the state in which everyone was present after this statement. Therefore, you can not thoughtlessly leave the child to self-education, entrusting his education with the programs and information spaces of the Internet without any control. Otherwise, such statements may be the first and most harmless news. And then in the news bulletins we are told about bad books and films, but for some reason no one asks the question – “Where were your parents all this time and where did they look?”

The child needs to be engaged, develop, and over time, under the influence of new friends, advertising and many other factors, he will want a new one.

And just to say the weighty “No!” Is no longer possible! After all, he is growing and understands everything. And if the parents did not leave their child to guardianship of new-fashioned devices, gadgets and other benefits of civilization, if they tried to spend as much time with him as possible, helping him, playing with him, explaining everything and not forbidding or saying “I don’t know”. Then he will feel in his parents not only protection and support, but also reliable advisers, whose opinion can always be counted on.

Remember that child custody is important, but excessive – it can hurt, because he will not be able to make decisions on his own.

While he is at home, he is under your supervision, and you can influence him, but going out into the vast world, he must know who should seek answers to new questions in the first place. Try to spend as much time as possible with your children, because it is coming and it can not be reversed.


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