18 Personality Traits To Nurture In Your Baby for Successful Parenting


Parenting is an art of crafting personality

Having a baby is most amazing blessing of God with no doubt. This feeling knows only parents. But after being blessed starts a great responsibility. All parents dream for their child to be successful in every field of life. But this all starts from parents. They are given a gift and they are supposed to create a unique personality out of it.

A child is born with some basic nature. Then comes nurture and environment or education. These are three elements that make up a personality. Parent’s responsibility is to understand their baby’s nature and provide them related nurture and environment.

So, first step is to understand baby nature. Next is to understand what are the personality traits which are supposed to be monitored. You can understand you baby’s nature by simply observing your baby. Your baby will himself reflect his basic nature in the form of temperament, mood swings, smile, sleeping patterns and playing activity.

Here we are going to discuss top 18 personality traits that you need to monitor during your parenting at two stages, infants and baby.

Lets have a quick look on these smart personality traits to monitor for better parenting.

1. Relationship and Trust

Spend as much time with her as you can. Attend him urgently and nicely at every call i.e. feeding, sleeping, playing or changing diaper. It will help her to learn trust and relationships and bonding.

2. Face Recognition

You never want to waste those concise and precious blinks when your infant’s eyes are open, So, have an eye to eye contact because babies are born with ability to recognize faces and mothers’ face is most precious. That is why baby is most close and affectionate with mother, always.

3. Fun & Play

Your baby really love your senseless talk, cooing and play with him.

4. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Do you think babies make faces randomly with no reason? I doubt you are wrong. According to scientific studies, even new born babies are capable of critical thinking and can imitate face.

5. Social Interaction

Relieve you baby and let him stare in mirror. Initially, he will just witness another baby there but he will love to touch and play with mirror baby very soon.

6. Recognition, Comparing and Contrasting

Place two similar objects or images with litter difference at reasonable distance to your baby. He will move eyeballs to each one multiple times. Definitely, he is struggling to recognize difference by comparing and contrasting.

7. Communication (Listening & Speaking)

Start blubbing with your baby. Of course, he is not going to imitate it urgently. Make short break within each flow and your baby is recognizing it. Soon, baby will start to fill your spaces.

8. Language Learning

Music and rhythms are helpful for your baby language learning skills. So tune up yourself and apart from music tunes, make own rhythms. Involve your babies with your rhythms from changing diaper to feeding and playing. Book reading to your baby at bed time is another very useful way for language learning.

9. Cause and Effect

Give your babies clues helps him relate things in cause and effect relation. Examples

  • I am turning off light so we are going to sleep
  • You are gone wet so mama going to change your nep.
  • Mama is going to feed you as you seem feeling hungry

10. Sense of Humor

Your baby really love your senseless talk, cooing and play with him.

11. Variation and anticipation

Play in a variety of ways. Hold her hand to pull your nose and then stick out your tongue and then laugh. Change it to puff your cheeks and hit her punch to your cheeks to make a poof. Repeat thing to make her an anticipation of pattern and then change pattern to make her guess.

12. Learning of objects

Diaper moments are boring but you can make it fun and learning for your baby. Tell her about her body parts, steps you are going to do during change and pieces of clothing.

13. Choices and Options

While feeding or changing her cloths, give her options and then select one thing giving some genuine reason. Of course, she is not going to tell you. But, it will help him learn to take logical choices.

14. Exploring new worlds

Take your baby out of home whenever you are going for some shopping. Give him maximum opportunity to explore maximum of world. New people, things and colors will attract and excite him.

15. Sense of Permanence

Hide and find (peekaboo) is a great game for babies to build a sense of permanence. It means babies will develop a believe that things exists even when they are not temporarily not there. Like, if you are not currently available to your baby, it helps him know you are still there and will come in just a moment.

16. Leadership & Sense of Achievement:

Read him stories and poems and replace his name with main character. It will help him learn to take lead role and become an achiever.

17. Sharing

Generally, Infants are not supposed to share their belonging especially with other babies. You are a role model to your baby so start from you. While feeding, take a little spoon first while calling “First mama is going to take it”. Then start to feed her while telling “Now baby is going to have it all”.

18. Thinking & Exploring

Never limit her choices to do things. It means, never instruct her to not do this thing even if it is wrong. Always divert her to some other thing or better talk about it. Ask, “what are you doing dear? Lets’ check that thing it looks better to me”. If you instruct, she will learn to always think in a limited spectrum.

This was all about our 18 personality traits. Hope you liked it and it will help you in making a better parent.

Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with us.


  1. Hi there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room
    mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for

  2. Hi there! This post could not be written any better!

    Reading through this post reminds me of my good old
    room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward
    this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read.

    Many thanks for sharing!


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