I am happy to know that you are here to know about me. There was a time when I always try to hide myself and my thoughts and see, here is a time when I am communicating with the world.

I found myself and my purpose in life. I am an observer and leaner. I faced different cultural, social and so-called religious boundaries throughout my life. The society, where I grew up, is very rigid and intolerant on many issues. I always wondered why it is so.

For example, If someone is bullied in our society, there is no one with the victim. If one is depressed for any reason, there is no one to understand him and his issues. Many will say that you will be OK but no one will try to understand the actual issue.

Then there are transgender issues and these guys are most helpless creatures in the world. they even are not considered humans in our society. there are rape victims that cannot even register their complaint due to their family pressure. There is sexual harassment everywhere from schools to corporate sectors but no one is willing to discuss these issues.

I believe, these and many other such issues are actually issues in our society to discuss but I found no platform. I find very limited forums and like-minded people that are willing to discuss these issue. I want to express how I view society and different issues so I decided to create my own blog where I can share what I think and love.

This is my world where I can wander freely without being insulted, pressed, bullied. Here I share my heart without being labeled. Still, I am always open to difference of opinion and strict believe of dialog so you are welcome to share my journey.

Spread Love & Happiness

My Story

In one word, I am a learner.

I constantly try to improve myself, my personality and above all my thoughts and mental pattern to view things. I love to understand and absorb difference of opinion and cross culture viewpoints.

I am always willing to challenge myself, absorb new learning and accept and respect difference of opinion. I am a preacher of peace, love and knowledge sharing. I strongly believe that love is most powerful thing in this love.

You can conquer this world and more importantly yourself only and only with love. If you love someone, you are willing to take any risk. Similarly, If you love yourself and your work, you can take any risk for success. So love what you do or at least do what you love

Philosophy & Mission

Three Words, Love – Happiness – Knowledge

Because I believe from my own experience that these three things always grow when shared. So if you share love, happiness, and knowledge, these will return to you in multifold.

So, If you want to be happy, loved or gain more knowledge, start sharing and it will create wonders.