Ability development, memory and intelligence.

Ability development, memory and intelligence

Everyone wonders what he is capable of, what his potential is. How to improve your intellectual abilities, make your “supercomputer” even faster and more powerful? There are a few misconceptions about intelligence. There are stereotypes that the type of thinking is laid down by nature in infancy. And with age it is honed to a certain level depending on our abilities. Of course, the sooner a person begins to consciously devote time to self-development, the foundation of his thinking will be an order of magnitude higher.


Live and learn. This phrase says that intelligence requires training and development all the time. To change yourself you need to make a lot of effort, you need to start with your thoughts. It is useful here to apply several rules for self-organization, spend less time on unnecessary things. Allocate the main task for every day. There are no two tasks identical in priority. Never plan the day completely, not all circumstances can be taken into account, it is enough to plan and 60% of this to be done. 

At the end of the day, take a couple of minutes and analyze how productive the day was. There are many topics on self-organization or time management. It is enough to single out a few basic rules for yourself and follow their principle, the result will not be long in coming. It may seem that you are standing still and not developing.


A beautiful word behind which lies ordinary laziness or activities that contribute to distracting from important things that you were going to complete, but you can’t do it in any way. This is when we need to make a report for tomorrow at work, and we nonchalantly watch TV, trying to distract ourselves from worries. 

This is when you need to do house cleaning, and instead we play computer games. When you need to do homework, but instead we walk on the street. Of course, laziness is a protective mechanism against stress. Researchers say the usefulness of laziness – a person should rest. But one thing is if a person works tirelessly, then he just needs rest. It’s another thing to do unnecessary things – procrastination.

Types of intelligence


The ability to extract the main idea from a large array of information and formulate it. Finding patterns.


A critical assessment of information where incorrect conclusions are screened out. Confronting the influence of public opinion.


The ability to analyze, connect logical chains, relationships.


Planning ahead. Formation of a model of events that may occur in the future. Finding options for solving them.


Mathematical, philosophical abstract ideas, complex concepts of thinking.

Exercises for intelligence.

The main thing in doing the exercises is an approach with pleasure. If you will monotonously and diligently do everything, then for a long time you will not be enough. It is important to perform a little, but every day. Then the load on the brain will be regular, which will not only develop a habit, but also consolidate the result.

What improves mental abilities

Training: The ability to constantly learn, gives access to information, gaining experience. While studying, we find for information a place in the structure of our own knowledge. We learn to concentrate and put our efforts to gain knowledge. We are expanding our horizons.

Learning languages: Remembering new words improves memory, in addition, people who speak several languages ​​have several advantages compared to those who do not know foreign languages.

Puzzle games: chess, puzzles, sudoku, puzzles. Improve logical thinking, concentration, give the opportunity to analyze several options and choose the right one. Crossword puzzles also develop associative memory, which is a good preventive measure against forgetfulness.

Exercise in the exact sciences: the study of mathematics, develops abstract, analytical, deductive, critical thinking. Develops memory.
Reading: The importance of reading has long been determined. In the past, few people were able to read, mostly rich. Today, many have been able to read since school, but according to statistics, every fourth in a year has not read even one book. Reading develops concentration, memory.

Every day a person learns something new and receives information from various sources. People, like vessels – with what you fill them, you receive. Therefore, obtaining useful and necessary information is always relevant. There are a lot of unique and interesting things in the World, strive to learn them.


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